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Czech photographer Dan Vojtech conducted a fascinating experiment to show how the focal length can change the shape of a person’s face. Using lenses that increased incrementally from 24mm to 200mm, Vojtech demonstrated, via a clever gif, that the camera truly can add ten pounds. That being said, it can also subtract those same ten pounds much in the same way. (Source)


what is the truth

Somewhere between 35mm and 50mm is the truth (when compared to a lens on a full-frame camera), if “the truth” is the equivalent to what the human eye sees.

The focal length of the human eye is actually somewhere between 17mm and 24mm when calculated in the same way that a camera lens focal length is, but that doesn’t take into account peripheral vision or the widened field of view when compared to a camera. It also gets much more complicated than that (given differences such as a retina and cornea being curved compared to camera sensors and (most) lenses that are flat, among many other things), but yes, in basic terms, “the truth” is about 43mm.

However, longer focal lengths tend to be seen as more flattering, with anywhere between 50mm and 200mm being popular focal lengths for portrait photography.

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