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August 02 2016

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BEST Products was a chain of catalog showroom retail stores founded in 1957, notable for their facades designed by SITE (”Sculpture In The Environment”) in the 1970s and early 1980s. They filed for bankruptcy in 1997 and currently all but one of their buildings have been either demolished or altered to remove their distinctive features; the one exception is their “forest building” which now serves as a church.

happy to see this post, as this is a hard thing to google








Fun fact: According to Greek legend there was a famous prostitute who managed to avoid a death sentence by showing the judges her boobs and arguing that it would be a crime against the Gods to destroy something so beautiful. 

Before you ask, yes there are paintings of this. And yes, they’re amazing.

Read more.


I love history.

Role models tho.

The gay one

No, but this is one of my absolute favorite bits of history! 

The courtesan named was named Phryne and she was indeed a renowned beauty, and was indeed was put on trial for a capital crime. And yes, the sum of her defense consisted of her stripping in court (helped by her lover/defendant) and asking the jury (all males) if they were prepared to destroy this

But this is actually a very interesting case of Values Dissonance - the capital crime she was accused of was blasphemy. In Ancient Greek society, exceptional beauty was a sign of favor from the gods, and they took the idea that beauty indicated goodness with great seriousness. They even called their nobles Kaloi k'Agathoi, “the Beautiful and the Good.” 

So by showing off her great physical beauty, Phryne was being very clever indeed, her argument essentially being “How could I possibly commit blasphemy if the gods have given me this body?“ 

God, I adore history. 

”If these tits are legit, you must acquit.”

Don’t you think it’s better to be extremely happy for a short while, even if you lose it, than to be just okay for your whole life?
Audrey Niffenegger, The Time Traveler’s Wife
(via theliteraryjournals)
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Now we know where the rain cloud ends. (Source)

I’ve always wanted to see this

I’ve seen this twice in my life. It’s always so bizarre.

July 21 2016

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The Pyramids of Giza as seen from the village of Kafr, Egypt, circa 1913. Photo by A.W. Cutler for National Geographic.




I hate the term “women of color”
Since fucking when is my peach skin not a color? Why must I be excluded from a group of women?


your ~peach skin~ wasn’t a color when this was happening


but now you want to be included


July 15 2016

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It’s the brilliant note of outrage right at the end there that really sells this letter.

“The price of lettuce is not insignificant here.”

“I landscaped the whole garden to accommodate frogs.”

I need to see this garden.

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July 08 2016

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June 30 2016

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What’s going on here exactly??

southern gothic 

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The video camera is plugged into the VCR, allowing it to record itself being poked and prodded.

GIF’d version of Vide-Uhhh! (2005)

I will forever consider this one of the coolest but oddly creepiest things.


This is basically a horror film. 

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Doing some research for an Idea Channel episode. My “compact” ed of the OED is 2386 pages long, on each of which is printed 9 pages of the full ed. It came with a magnifying glass so you can read it.

June 27 2016


DM: The only way you’re playing a bard in this campaign is if you speak entirely in limericks.

Me, a poet: The dust, you’ll wish you bit
                   When my character was green-lit.
                   This won’t be that hard,
                   Playing yon bard,
                   Challenge accepted, you sack of shit.

DM: I swear to fucking god.

June 25 2016

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Yes. Good. (via)

Ok I lied earlier, mangled apricot hellbeast is the best one so far.

i am forever enamored with scottish people insulting assholes *_*!!

The Scottish have a beautiful way with words.

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400 million years ago when Ohio was geographically near the equator, this was a warm, tropical ocean teeming with life. Now it’s sandstone frozen in time. Geology will ALWAYS blow my mind. #crossbedding (at Whipps Ledges, Hinckley Reservation)




Look at me. Look me in the eye. On November the 8th, 2016, one of two things will happen: Hillary Clinton will become president, or Donald Trump will become president. These are the only two possibilities. The superdelegates aren’t going to switch. An indictment isn’t coming. There is no third possibility. There is no space between the spaces where you can hide. Every vote for Donald Trump requires two Hilary Clinton votes to overcome. A Hillary Clinton vote can only be overcome by two Donald Trump votes. If you stay home, a Donald Trump vote doubles its power. This is the real, actual reality of the situation. There is not one other option.

And there’s no ctrl-alt-del for the election. Read up on 2000 if you doubt this.

And to those of us who supported Bernie, he WANTS you to vote for Hillary. If you believe in him and his mission you will follow his advice. He knows that writing his name in, or voting for anyone else besides Clinton, is effectively voting for Trump.


The story’s protagonist is the nicest person imaginable. The story’s narrator hates him with a seething passion.

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